Wiltons & Axminsters
Axminster carpets are synonymous with quality and luxury, and all authentic Axminster carpets are still woven using natural materials and traditional methods. The quality of the carpet is determined by the number of tufts per square inch, the count or weight of the yarn and the length of pile. Wilton carpets, like Axminster carpets, are woven. However, the difference between the two methods is the way in which the carpets are woven. Whereas the Axminsters yarn is cut into tufts and then held in place by the weft, the Wilton carpets yarn is a continuous strand woven all the way through.  Carpet Creations and Flooring caries a large selection of Axminster and Wilton carpets, as well as custom designs of Axminster and Wilton (minimum quantity restrictions apply).


axminster                   image-220-220-1308_

Axminster looms provide flexibility of up to 12 colors that gives the axminster weave great versatility, making it one of the best options for hotels and hospitality contract carpeting. Axminster is a weaving process that offers great pattern definition and therefore most axminster carpets are patterned.


wilton                image-220-220-1309_

The Wilton weave construction is the most versatile & unique weave structure.  Wilton carpets are capable of all “cut”, “loop”, or a combination of the two textures.  Wilton carpets are pile carpets whereby the pile is formed by inserting wires in the pile warps of the carpet.  After extraction of the wires, the pile is looped or cut.  As the yarn is buried on the back and only lifted when a specific color is needed, it gives the wilton product more body, resilience, and great quality.

Wilton weaving is not as versatile as axminster for the production of patterned carpets, due to continuous yarns that create waste yarn on the back of the carpet.